Music boxes

Music boxes
Music boxes have within melodies they carry in them, once they're open music feels the air;
Every person you have known has a song of their own, once they open up you'll hear whats there;
Every person longs to find who they are deep inside, every person yearns to know their place..."

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm alive!

We made it, and if life was busy before, it's even crazier now. But it's a nice kind of crazy, it's super exciting to be back home. I love all the smells and the little places that bring me sweet memories.

The kids are adjusting fairly well. School doesn't start until late September, and it's great to have the extra time.

I wish I had time to write more. Time is always the problem, isn't it?

Nicolas got sick Thursday night, and gave us quite a scare. He has viral meningitis. I learned that the word viral is a GOOD one, but hey, when someone mentions the word meningitis, panick settles in immediatly. They did a test on him where they had to draw liquid from his spine, poor thing! He's been very brave though. He was fever free yesterday and they should release him from the hospital today.

I miss my cyberworld terribly! Can't wait to be settled in!

Oh, my nephew came home from his 2 year mission to England on Thursday, (when they had the big scare at the Heathrow airport!) But he made it on a later flight, and I'm sooooooooo excited to have him back! He's still having problems speaking portuguese, lol, but he'll be fine. He's the sweetest kid I know and Im very proud of him.

BBLater! Thanks for reading y'all! :)