Music boxes

Music boxes
Music boxes have within melodies they carry in them, once they're open music feels the air;
Every person you have known has a song of their own, once they open up you'll hear whats there;
Every person longs to find who they are deep inside, every person yearns to know their place..."

Friday, June 30, 2006

The hawks srike again.

Unstopable dreamer

Today we decided to outsmart them. We didn't open the garage doors while we were fixing things inside. It almost worked... at 7:30 we hear this banging on the door. My first instinct was to ignore it; come on! If you're gonna knock, at least knock, don't bang! Not to mention we do have a doorbell, very much like a regular doorbell, it's not like you don't know what that round button with a yellow light does. But I digress...
I'm still in the garage putting more things up, and determined that I will not give in, no siree. It's my sale and my house, and I'll have it my way... until I realize that we already sold the house, and we'll have to replace the door if we don't stop that insane banging. So I go and peek outside, and see a lady that was here yesterday already...a returning hawk! There's four types after all, I think to myself.
When she sees me she yells: "Are you open yet?" Like I'm some kind of retail store.
"No", I say. We open the store at 9:00".
"But I have to go to work!"


OK, I think, glancing at the driveway and spotting about a dozen hands waving at me. Who am I kidding? They win, they always win. So much for our ingenious plan...I smile a half faked smile and open the garage doors, or should I say, my little store. I know they have money and want to buy, and I want their money, so, let them flood your house for goodness sake!

The day went pretty much like yesterday's, except for this one returning hawk. I lost count of how many times she came in and tried to buy a silly five cent nick nack for half the price. There was a time that another lady was asking me the price for my nice clothes hamper. I was sure I marked all my stuff; but sure enough, the price tag wasn't there. I told her it was ten dollars, and that the sticker probably felt on he floor or something... until I heard my favorite hawk at the check out register with a nice battery charger displaying a shine pink ten dollar sticker. My husband labels all "his" type of stuff, so he knew I would never put a price on anything that I don't know what it is. He looked at me, I looked at him, we looked at the clothes hamper... and he says:"I't 30 dollars, m'am." "Thirty!?" replies the innocent voice. "Yes, I remember labeling that with a green sticker that read $30.00. I'm sorry, someone put this wrong tag in here".
Oh, dog'gon'it. She couldn't afford that, so back it went to the table.

She came back a couple more times, and the last time she brought her daughter to look at my little boy's bedroom set. The daughter really liked it, but even at the ridiculous price we're selling stuff for, she couldn't afford it. But what are moms for, if not to help their children? My sweet lady quickly jumps to the rescue, and tells her daughter she'll help with a $100.00 check. Hmmmm... a check... ok, sure.
They call someone to bring a truck and haul the stuff out, and my husband suddenly needs to go "out". He goes by the bank and asks the teller if the check will clear... "It will if you cash it now, sir, there'll be only a couple of dollars left on that account if you do it now. I'm not sure it will clear by Monday if you wait".
So he comes back home, cash in his pocket, and helps them load up the truck with a smile on his face.

Ahhhh...all is well when it ends well...

But it hasn't ended yet. We'll be out there again tomorrow, and goodness, a Saturday, can't wait! My hawk promised to come back to look at some more stuff... a friend of mine will be helping us out. Hopefully, almost everything will be gone, and we can donate the rest to the salvation army.

Tomorrow promises to be a nice, hot, humid day. We're all ready with the gatorades in the refrigerator, and of course, the alarm clock set up for 5:00 a.m. After all, it's the weekend, and the store needs to open earlier to accomodate the needs of or faithful clients.

Calgon, take me away!...


Lisaberry said...

Oh my land. I've heard about the dishonest price changers at yard sales...they blow me away! And I am so glad that your dh went to the bank right then. I've been known to call peoples banks lol. Bet she'll be suprised that her check cleared lol. Uggh and to think she's probably already been back today...she better not try to write anymore checks!

ubercyl said...

Ugh, it sounds awful, like a babysitting job that never ends or something.

Good for your dh for going right to the bank. She sounds fishy. Kick her out if she comes back.

Bela said...

Lisa, I thought about you a lot, I know you love yard sales. I do too, but having them is different!

The lady didn't come back, but guess what, the phone number on her check has been disconnected; I'm glad we got to cash it. But she left a couple of pieces that go with the bedroom set, some special screws that she'll need to put the bed together, but since her phone isn't working, I can't help but giggle. I know, I'm mean!

amerimeximadre said...

oh the memories.... we went through similar events when we sold everything before moving to mexico. Good luck!

Rachau said...

Bela are you glad that is now all behind you!I remeber lisa used to love to go to yard sales lol.She got me looking at a few.Where would we be with out her!

Millionaira said...

Smart one that Jabus...go him in cashing that check...and sounds like the teller knows mrs. hawk all too well...and i HATE ppl like stupid that she thought she could get away w/ switching the stickers...what a should take her pic and make a sign that says "if this is you, you are NOT welcome!"