Music boxes

Music boxes
Music boxes have within melodies they carry in them, once they're open music feels the air;
Every person you have known has a song of their own, once they open up you'll hear whats there;
Every person longs to find who they are deep inside, every person yearns to know their place..."

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Our little Saturday trip.

We took advantage of the sunny day and went exploring the "neighbourhood" today. We drove for a while along the sea side and around the mountais and found an old castle's ruins. It was fun and the kids really enjoyed it. Life in the South has defenitly it's advantages!


Goat Girl said...

How pretty! I would love to visit Europe someday.

Rebekah said...

This is beautiful!! Oh, I would love to visit there. Your children must love the experiences!

Amber said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures Bela! just gorgeous!