Music boxes

Music boxes
Music boxes have within melodies they carry in them, once they're open music feels the air;
Every person you have known has a song of their own, once they open up you'll hear whats there;
Every person longs to find who they are deep inside, every person yearns to know their place..."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New year's resolutions bug me.

Maybe because they tend to be the same every year. I'm not sure what happens in the begining of a new year... we think we become super heros overnight. So we make a list of things that "I'm starting to do everyday". Hmmm. We wake up new year's morning and we are the same people. No super powers. We work hard to reach our goals, but by the end of January we forget all about them.
A new year doesn't bring us super powers. If anything , it should bring us motivation. That's the only thing I'm expecting from myself this year. If I have that, I might acomplish something good every day...or once in a while. :)
I finally got my room painted. I have been in this house almost three years; I have painted the kids rooms, bathroom, kitchen... everything right when we moved here. Why is our bedroom always the last thing to organize? Anyway.... it feels good to do something you've been wanting to do for years. I'm thankful for motivation. I'm going to ask for it and gain it every day and not only on new year's.
Man, what a boring post.
Pictures will follow tomorrow or Friday.

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